Liberians have been settling all over the United States for over four decades. According to the American Community Survey, nearly 8,000 Liberians work and reside, in Central Ohio. LICI’s 2015 Internal Poll puts that number even higher, at 10,000 Liberians.

Need Assessment

In 2017, Franklin County Job & Family Services commissioned Community Research Partners, CRP to conduct a study on the needs and challenges of the Liberian community in Franklin County. The research found that Liberians in the County are younger than the general population. Many Liberian youth ages 16 and 17 could be preparing to go to college or entering the workforce; yet, college enrollment in the community is relatively low, and unemployment is astonishingly high. Furthermore, Liberians with college degrees—and many of them—often find that academic degrees earned overseas are not as helpful or comparable to the desired employment they seek within the US. Consequently, the high unemployment within this small population creates stress for individuals and families and financial and economic insufficiencies.


Please help us change the lives of our diaspora communities

Plans to Address Needs

As the oldest New American community in Central Ohio migrating from a war-torn nation, there are real opportunities to ensure that Liberians settling in Central Ohio are provided the right resources to succeed and become productive members of society.

It has been a vision to own a community center that will meet the growing needs of families, youth, and our elderly. In 2019, members of the community rallied and supported a 1 Acre of land purchased on the far east side of Columbus.  This endeavor was an exciting accomplishment for Liberians and Columbus, and our diaspora community. With the collaboration of public and private partnerships, a 14,000 SQ facility will house programs for Liberians residing in Central Ohio and the immediate neighborhood on the far east side of Columbus. The Facility will house programs for families, youth, and the elderly.

Services to be Provided

Day to day activities of the organization and the Community Center
Social Services Programs
Tutoring/After School Programs
Computer Literacy
Adult Literacy/Workforce Development
Elderly services
Community Clinic
Health/mental Awareness & education
Immigration (legal assistance)
Arts and Culture
Resource Center
Provide resources to the county, social and religious organizations of our community